Andy Jordan

Being a TV personality, talented musician and a Millennial, it can be easy to put Andy Jordan in a box, but as you’ ll soon discover, Andy is not happy living in any box that others place him in. Best known for his role in the hit television series ‘ Made in Chelsea’ , Andy Jordan goes in-depth with Arye Kellman on issues of life, art, enlightenment and inspiration. It’ s not easy being a Millennial, but if like Andy you make the journey the main focus, you might just realise the beauty along the way.



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Andy Jordan is best known for his role in the popular television series ‘Made in Chelsea’ now in its ninth season. However, that’s not what Andy is about, this vibrant, enthusiastic and driven Millennial is a talented musician, who values the journey as much as the end product. Andy released his debut single in 2015 and has since had a number of sell-out UK tours.

His ability to take real life and transform it into art and music is his greatest asset, and perhaps his biggest saviour. Life has taught Andy many lessons, but if Andy has learnt one thing, it’s that life has many more lessons to teach him.

Written by Jonathan Sinclair


Q: What do you think is the most infuriating sterotype that people often make about Millennials?

A: That we are people who just jump around and seem to have no idea of where we are going.

Q: What do you think is the most unique quality Millennials bring to the workplace?

A: Definitely creativity. I think as a generational thing that Millennials have, we’ve been born into a generation where we don’t have “plain sailing”.