Boity Thulo

The ever-genuine Boity Thulo talks to Arye Kellman about social media overtaking the Millennial generation and how she has grown as a person.

Boity quote

Time and time again Boity proves her radiance and beautiful spiritual nature. She oozes sexiness where upon she was crowned SA’s sexiest woman in 2012.

She sets solid standards for herself by living as an example, weathering through the tough storms, as she believes that it is in preparation for all the good to come. ”We don’t get tested for nothing” and “we are where we are supposed to be”.

Boity is definitely a 2016 influential Millennial and she is determined to use this platform to push us to be positive. As she says, “ there are many kind hearted people with great energy out there”, we should draw inspiration from where we come from as well as the people we meet. This is a Millennial who is truly humble.

Written by Babs Manyi


Q: Should we be on social media?

A: In terms of what I’ve gained and learnt social media has its incredible moments. It’s just us turning it into something where we are all going to gain. Social media is perfectly fine; it’s the human beings on social media that ruin it. Social media is the people.

Q: What is your favourite quotation?

A: There’s a lot. I think, “be the change you want to see in the world”. I think you must be the difference. It’s how the universe responds to your actions.