Dan Calderwood

Digital is part of modern-day life, Millennials can either get on board or get left behind. Someone who knows this all too well is Digital Content Specialist, Dan Calderwood who joins Arye Kellman for a revealing and inspirational interview on his life in digital content creation before it even had a name. Dan opens up about the early days on News24, his high pressure job, and his passion for breaking news stories, his story is one of foresight, blind faith and innovation.



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Having started working in digital content management before it was even a thing, took foresight and faith like no other. Dan Calderwood knew he was onto something, that he was developing the future. He did not care that it hadn’t been done before or that there was no South African formula to what he was doing.

Dan is now a Digital Content Specialist for South Africa’s largest digital publishers, proudly being directly involved in having turned News24 from a relatively unknown concept, into a staple daily news platform for South Africans. His talent and passion for breaking news that’s relevant to a diverse mass audience without losing quality of journalism is to be admired.

Written by Jonathan Sinclair


Q: Who is the most important person in your life and why?

A: Do I get time to think about that? I think my wife; she’s an incredible woman. She’s a massive gender activist and works for the good of the public.

Q: Which App couldn’t you live without?

A: The App I go to the most is probably Instagram, I think because I am a visual person. I love it when they introduced video! I just love the way that people see the world differently.