David Moore

Try mixing technology with your passion – David Moore is a master at incorporating technology into his choreography. He discusses this new era of movement with Arye Kellman.




A simple equation will break down choreographer David Moore.

Futuristic + Boundary breaker + Movement + Technology + Stories to tell = David Moore

Everybody knows that Los Angeles is an “in and out” industry. David is revolutionising the interpretation of music and movement to ensure he stays “in”. Whether it be drones, segways or 360 degree videos, David is unlocking new dimensions in dance.

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: Do you think you can use the term Millennial to describe a career path?

A: That’s a great question. Yeah, I think the mindset of a Millennial creates its own career path. When I was first moving out to Los Angeles, my mom and dad, especially my dad, was very “you got to go to school, then go to college, then get a job and work your way up the corporate ladder”. That was his view of how you can have a career and succeed. It’s more of a mindset of Millennials, not necessarily making Millennial your career, but having a mindset that you can make your own career for yourself. You can make your own schedule.

Q: Would you have it any other way?

A: No, not at all. I think for me in my life if this stuff had come sooner, I don’t think my brain would have been ready for it. I don’t think my level of creativity would have been ready for it. I just think I’m at a place now where I am a lot more mature in what I am doing, what I want to do and what I want to create for the world. Five years ago it just wouldn’t have been the same.