Emma Gannon

We are not confused – Arye Kellman and Emma Gannon debunk the theory of the Millennial crisis.

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“We are not confused… Zig zag careers… Multiple fingers in pies”. The millennial generation knows exactly what they are doing. Emma Gannon strongly believes that the millennial generation posses power in their ability to multi-task.

The young woman in the pink dress in male dominated business meetings. The quirky girl with the red lip, striking blue eyes and mind constantly at work. Blogger, Author and social editor Emma Gannon is full of depth and confidence that most of us would envy. With a journalist resume that we would need to sit over tea to discuss, Emma is truly a phenomenal millennial.

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: Who is the 1st person you call when you receive good news?

A: My dad (Emma’s dad has pre-ordered 5 copies of her debut novel releasing mid-2016.

Q: In the 21st century is it easier to be more influential?

A: Yes. You can choose who you want to be influential.