Pearl Thusi

Africa is ahead in time. Why is Los Angeles leading? Pearl Thusi challenges us for the answer to this question in a discussion with Arye Kellman.



Pearl Quote

A true believer in the African dream.
A woman who knows her full potential.
Spiritual and soul-driven.
She is Pearl Thusi.

Who would have thought that the young girl who was teased whilst growing up would become the striking beauty and inspirational entrepreneur that is Pearl Thusi. Multi-talented. Multi-tasking. Multi-faceted. Millennial defined.

That Afro that you cannot miss. It’s edges that are pure bliss. Pearl is making heads turn. You just need to watch and learn.

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: Money and happiness, which is more important to you?

A: When I am happier I make more money

Q: Do you think millennials are workaholics?

A: No, I think we are absolutely lazy