Rorisang Moseli

Rorisang Moseli is a leader in all he says and does, hear him chat to Arye Kellman about his upbringing, his dreams for Africa and his take on servant leadership.



Rori Quote

Rorisang Moseli – A true leader.

He has a heart of gold and an extremely intellectual mind.

Although he would not admit that he is a leader of many, that is him simply being modest. Rorisang has a beautiful way with words, he is able to take control of any conversation and his presence in a room cannot be missed.

He has boundless ideas and takes a pragmatic approach to everything he does. A Millennial to be inspired by, shaping the Africa he wants to see.

Whether it is philanthropy, politics or the social sphere, Rorisang motivates you to do incredible things.

As Rorisang confidently said, “I have a dream for South Africa and Africa”.

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception Millennials have about success?

A: Even the idea of Millennials, as people who are a “me,me,me” generation. I challenge that concept. Why I think we will save the world is because I think we have a newfound understanding of global community. Technology gives us this incredible ability to connect our ideas in the most incredible way. People might look at our conception of success and think it is one of materiality but I think that is changing quite rapidly. Success is such a varying and wide concept for Millennials. Our conception of success n 2016 is on track and speaks to so many things. I personally don’t have any qualms of what success means in 2016.

Q: How do you process rejection and failure?

A: It is tough to fail. It is a lesson- one never really fails. Failure speaks to the end of something. One should learn from that experience and try again. The best successes and victories are hard-fought and earned.