Would you have the courage to risk everything? Well, this is what TiMO ODV did when he decided he wanted to make music. Catch his story as he chats with Arye Kellman about how he woke up and wanted to be a recording artist.



Timo Quote 2

There is no doubt that TiMO ODV is one to watch in 2016.

His talent, discipline and down-to-earth nature are an explosive combination that can only lead to aspirational success. Just listen to his music. WOW!

The rich textures and qualities of his voice cannot be ignored. He is focused on the bigger picture. He is a gifted artist with a purpose. Soulful and driven.

Watch this space.

This authentic artist is TiMO ODV.

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: Do you believe in Aliens?

A: I don’t

Q: What do you think is the most important responsibility of the Millennial generation?

A: Pushing forward and actually righting the wrongs of the past. Also, just not to stagnate with all this social media.