Toya Delazy

Toya DeLazy articulates how she pushes her boundaries to explore the unknown in a conversation with Arye Kellman, encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone



Toya quote

Millennial Dictionary – 2016 edition

X Factor


1. An incomparable talent
2. Noteworthy
3. Something that cannot be missed
4. Sensational
5. Intrinsically true to oneself


1. Toya DeLazy

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

A: A couple of years ago, an MD from Europe said “never put everything up front, don’t put out all your cards”. A second piece of advice came from my mother, she told me never to be vain.

Q: Will social media be the savior or anarchist of our generation?

A: It’s kind of like an anarchist now. Everything happens on social media, you don’t have to know the person personally but get their @ on the internet – it’s like literally being on their doorstep. Wars can be created on social media.