Inspiring Africa through music – TRESOR and Arye Kellman explore the art of making it in the global arena.


Tresor quote

From being a car guard to an artist signed by Sony Music. TRESOR is a true millennial inspiration.
Hearing his story you might have a moment of deep self-reflection about what is truly important in Life. TRESOR values family, spirituality and compassion.
This grounded young man is conquering the music industry one hit song at a time.

TRESOR is the perfect example of determination and passion paying off.
Nothing can stop this man from reaching for the stars.

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: What is the next big social media platform?

A:I like what Facebook is doing, people checking in with each other. For me that’s the most beautiful part of it -being used to help society. I don’t know what the next one is, but I’m sure there’s some kid around the world creating something.

Q: How do you use your influence in a positive way?

A: Naturally I love to inspire people. If I inspire someone I feel inspired myself. I want to share my story on a global scale – I came from a small town where there are a lot of people that are not successful on a world scale. I want to inspire the youth around Africa. You can come from the lowest place and still go out there and be someone and have an influence.