Yusuf Omar

Yusuf Omar has a captivating chat with Arye Kellman about his passion, which is mobile journalism and Millennials.

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Journalism as a course started at The University of Missouri in 1879.If the students of that class were to hear Yusuf Omar’s revolutionary ideas they would be in awe. The face of traditional journalism has evolved to a point where every one of us is a journalist in some form or another.

A forerunner in his industry, Yusuf is not constrained by the norm. He is instead breaking barriers by marrying technology together with journalism. A true storyteller. He lives through his journalism and has immersed himself in the art of “snack media”.

Living in the moment and enhancing the virtual experience. Yusuf is leading the way for the future of mobile journalism.

Yusuf Omar a.k.a Innovator.

Written by Ruby Chikwiri


Q: On a scale of 1 to 10 how addicted are you to technology?

A: Definitely a 10, straight out obsessed.

Q: If you were a bagel what kind of bagel would you be?

A: I think smoked salmon and cream cheese. That’s a fantastic question, but an odd question.